Wolf Valley Creative Services, LLC is a woman owned business in operation in Ridgeland, Mississippi since 1997. The name has changed during that time from "Wolf Valley" to "Wolf Valley Creative Services" as our business expanded.


Wolf Valley has always worked with non profit organizations because we find it very rewarding. Wolf Valley was established years ago in response to what we witnessed while non profit organizations were seeking website development. When we discovered that non profits were being taken advantage of - we knew we had to respond.  That's what makes Wolf Valley different.  Wolf Valley was built on a model pretty much the opposite of other web development companies.  Where others would insist on lengthy, expensive contracts, Wolf Valley does not.  Where others would refuse to give an estimate without knowing what the annual revenue of your organization is, Wolf Valley offers free estimates based on what you need, not what we think we might be able to get out of you!  At Wolf Valley we are artists and designers, as well as computer geeks - we are not really interested in just being a sales person.  If you come to us and tell us what you want, We will ask you WHY you need it because by understanding what you are trying to achieve, we can advise you on alternative ways to achieve it - at the most economical rate.  Where other companies might try to over sell and convince you of what you need, we will educate you so that you can not be taken advantage of. That is the key, we will "EDUCATE" you.  We let you know what you do and don't need so you won't be wasting money on products and services that are not going to benefit you.  For example, did you know that there are many free programs out there that can save you literally thousands of dollars?  Well, companies selling a program you need don't want you to know about free alternatives, of course - but this is precisely the type of information that Wolf Valley will provide. 


Wolf Valley is not a giant, wealthy company because we do not take advantage of people in order to make big bucks. What we are is a small, but honest, reliable and stable business and that's okay because we happen to value ethics over cash.   Wolf Valley provides hassle-free service, so you feel no pressure or obligation. We never do "the hard sell", we simply do not like that approach.


We're a small, stable, personal-touch company with real people behind the screen. We do a lot of Pro Bono work.  We always go the extra mile in all our projects.  We love animals. We donate to our favorite charities regularly.  We participate in the community.  We educate and share ideas.  We often sing while we work - but don't worry, you don't have to listen.  We always return our shopping carts to the cart bays - even when it's raining.  We're determined to always do our best. 


Get in touch.  Let's chat about what we can help you achieve!